True Name: Yorokobi

Desc: Yorokobi is the goddess of sex, seduction and pleasure. her job is to help people who are having sex, are flirting or are expereincing pleasure. while watching Mimi and Donald for the first time she fell in love. and is now their wife. she created the maids and hid as one her self. she has the biggest boob and butt size out of all the girls and Mimi and Atsuku.

Gender: Female

Personlity: horny, kind and caring, sexy

Hobbies: sex training, reading/watching sexual manga and movies and cooking

Kinks/Fetishes: thighs, anal, oiling

Kaiya (Casual)-1
Kaiya (Casual lustful expression)
Kaiya (Goddess)
Kaiya (Goddess lustful expression)
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