Gender: male.

Personality: kind, caring, shy and loyal. dosen't feel comfortable with having sex with anyone but Mimi but has grown slightly comfortable to doing it with the girls (the maids) although, sometimes they still have to strap him down.

Kinks/Fetishes: spanking, thigh high stockings, big boobs, booty shorts, lingre

Donella: Edit

Desc: after the girls and Mimi had dressed Donald up like a girl and taught him anal, he developed a slight un-note worthy case of multi personality disorder. his second personality is a horny, girly almost oppisite version of himself that has a thirst for anal and is very cute in this state. it is an easy way out for the girls to have sex with Donald with no problems as he dosen't seem to remember much.

Donald (crossdress with Tail)

personality: cute, horny, girly.

kinks: anal but will play along with any kind of sexual act presented to him

Donald (crossdress with Tail ahego)
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